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26. Juli 2019

The LH Accelerator is a 6-month program that selects, hosts and supports innovative companies and startups to bring their groundbreaking solutions for the material and building construction industry to life. Led by 3 major groups LafargeHolcim, CCCC and Sika, the program offers a unique access to a high level technical, market and entrepreneurial expertise. The program is entering its second season and is open for applications untill September 15.

After a successful first season, the LH Accelerator has defined 8 new challenges fro the material and construction industry that are waiting to get solved. 15 selected start-ups will get free access to the largest research center in the construction industry (near Lyon, France) and get a chance to work with over 150 R&D experts and state-of-art equipment. The 6-month program is a unique opportunity to develop, test and market your ideas and turn them into a successful business.

What is the LH Accelerator?

  • The purpose is to accelerate operational partnerships between innovative companies and LafargeHolcim and its partners.

  • The program is free and no equity is taken.

What innovative companies get?

  • A powerful mix of business and technical expertise 
  • An access to the LafargeHolcim R&I Centre in France including 100 hours of technical expertise as well as country exclusive resources around the world from LafargeHolcim and partners. 
  • The accelerator is based in Lyon France but the program can be follow from everywhere.

Who should apply? 

Start-ups that already have a product-market fit or more mature companies that are developing a new innovation for the construction market. 
The season 2 is focusing on 8 challenges, on which LafargeHolcim and its partners are strongly committed to collaborate on:

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1# Concrete 2.0

Enhance the properties of cement-based materials beyond the core value of structural integrity

Weight reduction, noise reduction, thermal properties, light reflectivity-translucency, porosity, environmental footprint


3# Real time quality control

Monitor, test, evaluate and adjust the quality of materials across the supply chain: from raw materials to product delivery

Sensors from raw materials to product delivery or truck sensors to monitor workability, air, water and make automated adjustements


5# Real time product demand forecast at site

Develop and apply accurate, real time prediction of demand for product quantities and types by job site

Data collection, processing and input across the value chain


7# Automation

Increase use of automation to infrastructure (e.g. ports) and to related construction projects as painting

I.O.T., 5G, digital solution, 3D printing solutions, robots and other technologies

2# Construction waste

Rethink the design and process of making and delivery cement and concrete for avoiding, minimizing, reusing the waste from quarries to building sites. Propose alternative to tackle resources scarcity

Feedstock materials, water, energy and product waste, modularity


4# CO2 neutrality

Measure, track and develop solutions to move towards neutrality

Alternative raw materials, industrial by-products, sensors, analytics, software models and new process


6# Monitor performance

Monitor performance characteristics of concrete delivery at construction sites and in prefabrication

Sensors about temperature, humidity, pH, structural resilience, durability


8# Infrastructure & buildings

Develop and use software models / digitalized visualization of the construction phases in infrastructure (such as roads and bridge) and building projects

Machine learning systems, predictive maintenance, AI

Join the LH Accelerator

Do you have a construction start-up thats ready to scale?

LH Accelerator

Deadline for applications: 15.09.2019

Contact: lh-accelerator@lafargeholcim.com